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How to quit smoking with NicoBloc

Smoking and quitting 

Smoking is described as the act of inhaling and exhaling fumes from a plant or other substance. People smoke a variety of materials and plants, including marijuana, tobacco, and nicotine. These can all be inhaled in various manners, including through cigarettes or cigars and pipes. However, many studies have shown that smoking is terrible for your health, and the sooner you are able to quit, the better it is for you. 

The act of quitting requires you to take active steps to stop smoking, whether gradually or cold turkey. 

Why quitting smoking is good for your health

It is important to note that it is never too early or too late for you to quit smoking. Smoking can have serious consequences for your health, including but not limited to, cancer, gum and teeth diseases, and death. The benefits of quitting smoking are huge, even if you have been smoking for a long time. 

  • Quitting improves and enhances your quality of life - Recent studies report ex-smokers feeling happier after quitting than before they quit smoking. Many people will say that they smoke to help their anxiety or to deal with stress. However, research shows that smoking itself is a stressor and that by quitting smoking you are removing that stressor. 
  • Quitting reduces the risk for many adverse health issues - This includes poor reproductive health caused by smoking, cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and cancer. 
  • Quitting reduces the financial burden smoking causes - Many people are unaware of the hundreds, even thousands of dollars that they spend buying cigarettes yearly. Additionally, the effects of smoking can cost thousands more in healthcare, while burdening the health industry and the society at large. 

Why is it hard to quit smoking?


Nicotine is the primary addictive drug that is found in tobacco. Cigarettes are designed to push nicotine rapidly directly to your brain. Once the nicotine is inside your brain, it releases “feel good” chemicals that stimulate your brain over and over. 

Over time, your brain gets used to having nicotine around, and it completely changes the way your brain works. This causes your brain to think that it needs nicotine in order to feel okay. 


Once you quit smoking, you will begin to experience irritability, anxiety, and insomnia. You may also have difficulty concentrating and may find the urge to smoke much harder to resist.

How NicoBloc can help you to quit smoking

NicoBloc helps you to quit smoking on your terms. NicoBloc is a viscous fluid that is applied to the cigarette filter immediately before smoking. The fluid works by trapping the nicotine and tar in the filter of the cigarette as you smoke. A drop traps up to 33%, two drops double that, and three drops trap up to 99%. 

By using NicoBloc, you are able to gradually wean yourself off of smoking, while your nicotine craving eases without battling withdrawal symptoms. 

It’s time for you to reclaim control of your life and health. Stop struggling with this life-threatening habit by using NicoBloc today!