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Latest Press Release for NicoBloc USA

Ministries of Health to Introduce NicoBloc as Smoker’s “Vaccine”

Innovative Healthcare Product Blocks Tar and Nicotine, Helping Smokers Quit Gradually

Wilton, CT – The global pandemic from COVID virus, which attacks the respiratory system has made smoking riskier than ever. Vaccines are now available worldwide and proven to reduce serious or fatal illness from COVID, but the danger of death cannot be eliminated for smokers.

Accordingly, several Ministries of Health in countries with high smoking populations including Vietnam, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Angola and Mauritius are committing significant funds to introduce the quit smoking product NicoBloc, as the recommended no-cost option to improve their citizen’s quit attempts and help lower the death rate from smoking.

In successful field studies and market testing overseas, NicoBloc has proven to be one of the best-ever methods by helping people quit smoking while they are still smoking.

NicoBloc fluid is made from natural, food-grade ingredients and applied directly to the cigarette filter prior to smoking. This process helps block tar and nicotine from entering the body without a change in taste or loss of satisfaction.

NicoBloc was developed in Ireland and introduced in the USA by Bloc Enterprises. It was first used in corporate wellness (stop smoking) programs in the United Kingdom. The program achieved such unprecedented quit rates (50%+) the founders were inspired to make NicoBloc available as a consumer product to smokers worldwide.

NicoBloc provides a gradual tapering of the amount of nicotine consumed by the body. Just one drop blocks 33% of hazardous ingredients and starts the weaning process. When two drops are used this reduces the tar and nicotine by approximately 66% and three drops can be used to block up to 99%. This gradual approach allows taste buds to get accustomed to the gentle change and lessen the body’s habitual nicotine dependency.

According to Kent Atherton, founder & chief executive officer of Bloc Enterprises, LLC owner of NicoBloc USA, the immediate opportunity to help reduce the harmful effects of smoking considering the added risks from COVID, was a compelling component in the decision by these countries to take more meaningful action.

“Rarely does a health-related product come along with the 'wow' factor to be readily embraced by millions of people who will benefit from its use,” said Atherton. “NicoBloc may be the best method smokers have to finally quit or reduce the damaging effects of tar and nicotine if they just need help cutting their consumption.”

NicoBloc is available for purchase in the online store www.nicoblocusa.com

About NicoBloc and NicoBloc USA
NicoBloc USA is the exclusive wholesale distributor for NicoBloc in North America. NicoBloc is a patented, prescription-free fluid applied directly to cigarette filter and the only proven product that helps people quit gradually while smoking their own brand. NicoBloc is 100% drug-free, made from natural food grade ingredients and blocks up to 99% of tar and nicotine, all with no side effects.

For more information, please contact info@nicoblocusa.com