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Your Nicotine Addiction Now Has a Formidable Foe

How to Produce Long-Term Results? Your Nicotine Addiction Now Has a Formidable Foe

After years of anti-smoking education, lawsuits against cigarette producers, no smoking in public place laws, and a general movement toward healthy lifestyles, why are we still focused on cigarette smoking? Haven’t we “turned the corner” on the education about cigarette smoking; doesn’t everyone know the health risks by now?

If only that were the case. The reality is that, in 2016, cigarette smoking is still the single largest preventable cause of death and disease in the United States. The Center For Disease Control estimated more than 480,000 die each year from cigarette smoking, with 10% of those deaths from second-hand smoke.[1]

Smoking remains a massive drain on our economy, costing us over 300 billion dollars a year in medical expenses (over 170 billion) and lost productivity (over 150 billion). So yes, unfortunately, smoking remains arguably the #1 health and economic issue for our country.

This is why both The Center • A Place of HOPE and I personally take the issue so seriously. We know that if we can help our clients break the habit of smoking, we unlock a future filled with the promise of better health, better finances, and better overall well-being. What could be more important?

Wanting to help a client and actually being able to help them, though, are two different things. Most smokers, given the choice, would prefer not to smoke. And most smokers have tried to quit many times before. How do we break through, then, and provide them with a real program that can produce real long-term results?

Quit at Your Pace

We treat addiction to smoking the same way we treat other chemical and alcohol addictions. We work on both the psychological and physical aspects of the addiction at the same time. For the psychological side, we use counseling, meditation, education, and support. For physical addiction, we use a proven program that incorporates NicoBloc. NicoBoc empowers the smoker to quit on their terms, weaning them off of their cigarettes at a pace chosen by the smoker.

But just because a person wants to reduce their smoking, does that mean their addiction overpowers their desire to quit? Not with NicoBloc. NicoBloc involves putting one drop of liquid (all-natural ingredients & 100% safe) on the filter end of the cigarette, which blocks up to 33% of the addiction-causing nicotine entering into the smoker’s system. After a week or two, the smoker uses two drops, eliminating up to 66% of the nicotine. After another week or two, the smoker uses three drops, eliminating up to 99% of the nicotine.

So while the smoker continues to smoke their cigarettes, their body effectively “detoxes” over a period of 4-6 weeks. Many other quit-smoking programs actually put nicotine back into the smokers' system. With NicoBloc, the gradual weaning off of nicotine has proven to be a very effective way to produce lasting results. Eventually, the smoker naturally realizes their body is not feeling the urge to smoke because their body is not craving nicotine.

The results are not just powerful, they are beautiful to see. Client after client has that special look in their eye when they realize they are no longer beholden to their cigarettes. They regain their confidence, their energy, and their zest for life. They have more energy and more money ­– a good combination!

If you or a loved one is struggling with cigarette and nicotine addiction, it is never too late to quit. Even if you have tried to quit multiple times before, a program like one that employs NicoBloc may be the type of system that can provide the answer. Many people that have tried multiple quit-smoking aids in the past finally find success when using NicoBloc. I encourage you to not give up. Now, with NicoBloc, quitting may be easier for you than ever before.

Dr. Gregory Jantz is the founder of The Center • A Place of HOPE, a dually-licensed mental health and chemical dependency facility in Edmonds, Washington. Dr. Jantz is the author of 30 books and frequently appears as an addiction treatment specialist on Fox News, CNN, NBC, ABC and writes articles for Huffington Post and Psychology Today.

[1] U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The Health Consequences of Smoking—50 Years of Progress: A Report of the Surgeon General.