Jun 17

The Center, A Place of HOPE, Reports Outstanding Results from Independent NicoBloc Study

A Summary from Dr. Greogry Jantz, Founder of The Center • A Place of HOPE

As a Licensed Chemical Dependency Facility, The Center • A Place of HOPE treats clients with drug and alcohol addiction. We are proud of our success rate over the past 30 years, helping thousands return to a life of happiness, health and balance. Relationships are restored and hope returns.

I am very happy to say that our vision of successfully treating smoking addictions alongside drug and alcohol addictions – as well as mental health disorders like depression, anxiety and eating disorders – is a reality. In conjunction with NicoBloc, The Center just completed a comprehensive study with volunteer clients who had come to our facility for chemical and alcohol addiction, mental health challenges, or a combination of both. While I had hope for, and expected, strong results, I was quite pleased to see the results exceeded our most optimistic projections.

Summary of Results:

The average stay at The Center is 3 to 4 weeks, so we do not have the ability to track a patient’s long-term progress beyond their stay. Yet 3-4 weeks is a sufficiently long enough time to be able to track meaningful data and note hard data and trends.

The Center completed data on 19 patients (17 female, 2 male) that participated in the NicoBloc program for 3 or 4 weeks over a three month period: 8 used NicoBloc for 3 weeks and 11 used NicoBloc for 4 weeks.

  • Average age was 29.4
  • Average age when they started smoking was 18.9 (16 answered)
  • The #1 reason given for wanting to quit was health, followed by family
  • After 2 weeks, all 19 patients cut their cigarette consumption by an average of 19%
  • After 3 weeks, all 19 patients cut their cigarette consumption by an average of 36%
  • After 4 weeks, the remaining 11 patients cut their cigarette consumption by an average of 59%.

These results were about double what we had expected and included some amazing results and individual success stories: • 10-a-day smoker quit completely in 4 weeks (100%)

  • 43-a-day smoker cut down to 12 in 4 weeks (72%)
  • 45-a-day smoker cut down to 15 in 4 weeks (67%)
  • 35-a-day smoker cut down to 12 in 4 weeks (66%)
  • 25-a-day smoker cut to 12 in 3 weeks (52%)

Note that the two heaviest smokers reduced their normal consumption by 30 cigarettes a day. The “worst” success experienced by a 4-week program participant was a 33% reduction in their daily intake. That is astonishing, and demonstrates the effectiveness of the NicoBloc program to help smokers wean themselves off of cigarettes. The secret to the program’s success is allowing smokers to continue to smoke while the NicoBloc liquid gradually reduces the addictive nicotine into the smoker’s body. Over time, their body’s craving for nicotine diminishes, reducing the compulsion to smoke.

Of those who responded to the question, “Did you like the program?,” all said “yes.” Here is one notable comment from a client:

“I came here for an addiction to alcohol and pain killers, and had no thought of, or desire to quit smoking. But when presented the opportunity, I felt it was worth a shot even though I had tried so many times before with no success. Today, as I get ready to leave, I am amazed that I do not feel the urge to smoke anymore. The NicoBloc program works because it doesn’t force you to stop cold turkey, and it doesn’t make you wear a nicotine patch, which can be unhealthy. You quit at your pace while your body slowly consumes less and less nicotine. I came to get clean from drugs and now am so thankful for getting completely clean of all chemicals in my system. Thank you for providing this extra benefit to my treatment. After 12 years of smoking, my husband and children will be shocked…and really happy!” – B.L., 27

We wanted to make sure for ourselves that NicoBloc works. It does, and it works really well. We have made it a permanent part of our treatment program for all clients who desire to quit smoking. As a health care provider, I take great pride in knowing we now have a safe and proven solution to help so many break-free of their addiction to nicotine.

NicoBloc is a fluid that is applied to the filter end of the cigarette just prior to smoking. NicoBloc is not a drug, medical device or “foodstuff” and therefore does not require licensing per the FDA. NicoBloc is made from safe, FDA-approved food grade ingredients. The fluid creates a moist barrier inside the filter through which the cigarette smoke passes. NicoBloc does not interact with the smoke chemically and does not add anything to the smoke. NicoBloc does not significantly change the taste or smoker satisfaction.

Dr. Gregory Jantz is the Founder of The Center • A Place of HOPE in Edmonds, Washington. Founded in 1985, The Center is a dually licensed chemical dependency and mental health facility treating clients using a whole person approach to treatment.

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