Oct 26

NicoBloc USA Announces Partnership with APPSPIRE.me

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NicoBloc USA Announces Partnership with APPSPIRE.me

APPSPIRE.me to assist in launch of NicoBloc Challenge

Austin, Texas – (October 26, 2015) – NicoBloc USA, the exclusive U.S. distributor for NicoBloc, has tapped Austin-based marketing company APPSPIRE.me to assist in launching the company’s NicoBloc Challenge, a six-week program designed to help people quit smoking or greatly reduce the harmful effects of cigarette smoke.

Participants in the NicoBloc Challenge will have their personal stories chronicled along the way. APPSPIRE.me will then develop a series of ‘video testimonials’ used to enhance brand awareness on social media channels and as featured content at www.nicoblocusa.com.

NicoBloc provides a simple, drug-free approach to quit smoking. In successful field studies and market testing overseas, NicoBloc has proven to be one of the best-ever methods by helping people quit smoking while they are still smoking.

According to Andy Castin, VP of Partnerships at NicoBloc, APPSPIRE.me brings an array of online expertise to the company. “I’ve worked with APPSPIRE.me previously on various marketing campaigns and was very pleased with the results,” said Castin. “When it came time to partner with an agency to introduce NicoBloc in the U.S., I knew APPSPIRE.me was the right choice.”

Although APPSPIRE.me is primarily an app marketing company, the company’s founder Carson Barker wanted to get involved because he believed in the product. “Our company believes NicoBloc can help Americans in their quest to quit smoking,” said Barker. “We look forward to doing everything we can to create a healthier environment in the U.S.”

NicoBloc fluid is made from natural, food-grade ingredients and applied directly to the cigarette filter. This process helps block tar and nicotine from entering the body without a change in taste or loss of satisfaction.

NicoBloc was developed in Ireland and will be made in the USA. It was initially used in corporate wellness (stop smoking) programs in the United Kingdom. The program achieved such unprecedented quit rates (more than 50 percent) among its participants, the inventors were inspired to make NicoBloc available as a consumer product to smokers worldwide.

NicoBloc provides a gradual tapering of the amount of nicotine consumed by the body. Just one drop of the product removes approximately 33 percent of the hazardous ingredients and starts the weaning process.

In the second week, two drops are used on each cigarette, which reduces the tar and nicotine by approximately 66 percent. By week three and onwards, three drops can be used to block up to 99 percent and this gradual approach allows taste buds to get accustomed to the gentle change and lessen the body’s habitual nicotine dependency.

NicoBloc will be available for purchase without a prescription online by visiting www.nicoblocusa.com.

For more information, please visit www.nicoblocusa.com.