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Check out Adam’s Journey


*”When I was 18 I held my grandmother’s hand as she passed away from smoking. I felt the life leave her body. She begged me to quit, but I continued to smoke. I really want to quit so can be around longer. Grandma if you are up there, I’m going to give it shot.”


*”I am a music event producer and I have been smoking since I was 15, over 26 years. I smoke on average about a pack a day depending on my lifestyle. The more I drink, the more I smoke. I’ve always had a romance with cigarettes. I like the way the make me feel, but I hate the idea of what I’m doing to myself. I know that its stupid especially at my age and every day I smoke I know the numbers are against me. “


Week 1
*”There was a dramatic change in the number of cigarettes I smoked. I went from 14 to 5 in just 1 week.”

Week 2
*”I feel better physically and I have more energy. It has become second nature for me to add the drops to the filters.”

Week 3
*”I really think NicoBloc might be the solution. I can breathe easier and my skin looks better.”

Week 4
*”I feel the same as I did last week. I hope that I can quit. I am still smoking a small amount, but I’m down to 4 cigarettes per day.”

Week 5
*”I increased my smoking towards the end of this week and I can really feel the difference in how my body feels overall.”

Week 6
*”NicoBloc has helped me significantly reduce my overall cigarette consumption and I feel better when I decrease my intake. I know that I definitely need NicoBloc as a partner in my quest to put out the fire.”

*Disclaimer: Results may very from person to person.