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*”I’ve wanted to quit smoking for 10 years for health reasons; and I have grandson now and I want to be around for him. Want to quit smelling like cigarettes and the shear expense of it. I spend about $350 a month. I’m just done and I don’t want to do it anymore.”


*”I’ve been smoking for 22 years and I smoke about 15-20 cigarettes a day. I’ve tried to go cold turkey, I’ve used the patch and gum and all that stuff without success.”


Week 1
*”I have very slight fatigue and I am a little somber but no depression or anxiety. I’m only having 1 cigarette on the way to work instead 3 so I feel like NicoBloc is helping curb my desire to smoke.”

Week 2
*”I’m not thinking of smoking upon waking up like I used to. I feel NicoBloc is truly working.”

Week 3
*”There is definitely a lack of physical sensation to smoke. I’m down from 18 cigarettes a day to 6.”

Week 4
*”I am having some difficulty getting over the hump. I am still grabbing a cig instead of eating a little something when I have a small break from work, but the NicoBloc still seems to be helping.”

Week 5
*”I’m not smoking as much as I think I am because I am not smoking the entire cigarette, maybe a half to three quarters. I just want to be at the point where I am not doing that at all.”

Week 6
*”I am probably lighting up about 4-5 times a day, but still not smoking the entire cigarette. I am finding other things I can do in three minutes when I have a break. I feel like I have way more energy and haven’t replaced smoking with any other habits, like eating. My goal is to quit before the end of the year — for sure. I want to start 2016 in a different place.”

*Disclaimer: Results may very from person to person.