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Follow Joe’s Journey


*”This is something I want to do for myself. I’m trying to get myself healthier. I’m getting older and the body doesn’t recover as quickly. I need to get things in order in my life and this has got be on the list. I like the concept of not having to go cold turkey.”


*”I’m a business owner and professional drummer. I’ve been smoking more than 25 years and I smoke about a pack a day. I came from a big family of smokers and all the men in my family have died from emphysema. I’m very social person and smoking goes hand in hand with a lot of those types of activities. I’ve tried to quit a few times with 3 months being the longest.”


Week 1


*”I really loved my first week. I definitely craved cigarettes less. I am starting to have a negative perception of smoking, which is something I never had before.”

Week 2
*”It was a tough week. I was bored a lot while out of town working so I was off any sort of routine. I found myself smoking when I had no urge to have one.”

Week 3
*”I notice on days when I smoke more (usually out of boredom) I feel awful the next day. My body doesn’t like it. There is definitely a lack of physical sensation to smoke. I can tell by blocking the tar and nicotine my body is adjusting nicely.”

Week 4
*”It’s been a struggle mentally, but physically I feel like garbage if I smoke more than 9 cigarettes. I can’t believe a month ago I was smoking 20 a DAY. I feel good about the product.”

Week 5
*”Putting on 3 drops is a bit more difficult, but well worth it. I am feeling better than last week, because I smoked more last week and didn’t use the product on a few cigarettes.”

Week 6
*”I really enjoyed using the product and knowing that it is reducing the intake of such crap in my system. It’s a good way to kick start trying to quit the habit. It gives you something to focus on. I am smoking less (on average about 8 less a day) and I am on my way to quitting.”

*Disclaimer: Results may very from person to person.