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NicoBloc USA Officially Launched by Veteran Entrepreneur Kent Atherton

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NicoBloc USA Officially Launched by Veteran Entrepreneur Kent Atherton

Atherton Acquires Exclusive U.S. Distribution Rights to Innovative Healthcare Product That Blocks Tar and Nicotine, Helping Smokers Quit Gradually

Wilton, CT - The Connecticut-based media advisory firm run by TV/digital marketing executive Kent Atherton has launched a wholesale distribution company to introduce U.S. consumers to NicoBloc, a simple drug-free approach to quit smoking.

In successful field studies and market testing overseas, NicoBloc has proven to be one of the best-ever methods by helping people quit smoking while they are still smoking.

NicoBloc fluid is made from natural, food-grade ingredients and applied directly to cigarette filter. This process helps block tar and nicotine from entering the body without a change in taste or loss of satisfaction.

NicoBloc was developed in Ireland and will be made in the USA. It was initially used in corporate wellness (stop smoking) programs in the United Kingdom. The program achieved such unprecedented quit rates (50%+) the inventors were then inspired to make NicoBloc available as a consumer product to smokers worldwide.

Studies have repeatedly documented that attempts to quit smoking “cold turkey” are simply not possible for most smokers. Consequently, NicoBloc provides a gradual tapering of the amount of nicotine consumed by the body. Just one drop of the product removes approximately 33% of the hazardous ingredients and starts the weaning process.

In the second week, two drops are used on each cigarette, which reduces the tar and nicotine by approximately 66%. By week three and onwards, three drops can be used to block up to 99% and this gradual approach allows taste buds to get accustomed to the gentle change and lessen the body’s habitual nicotine dependency.

Kent Atherton has enjoyed a distinguished career in media advertising, sports marketing and owner & producer of several prominent televised events. He has held a number of senior executive roles over the past three decades including work with two of the country’s premier media companies, CBS and DIRECTV.

Atherton has consistently been on the forefront of disruptive advertising & technical innovation in sports media and has now turned his attention to introducing a breakthrough consumer product with the potential to save lives.

According to Atherton, founder & chief executive officer of Bloc Enterprises, LLC owner of NicoBloc USA, the opportunity to help reduce the harmful effects of smoking was a compelling component in his decision to take ownership of NicoBloc’s exclusive distribution rights in the U.S.

"Rarely does a product opportunity come along with the potential 'wow' factor to be readily embraced by millions of people who will benefit from its use,” said Atherton. “This may be the best method smokers in the US now have to finally quit and those who may not want to stop right away can still help themselves reduce the most damaging effects of tar and nicotine in cigarettes by using NicoBloc."

Atherton has recruited a distinguished executive team of industry professionals and strategic investors with considerable expertise in retail distribution, marketing, medicine and venture capital. The company has raised more than $1 million in equity financing to support its national launch.

NicoBloc will be available for purchase without a prescription through major drug retailers, convenience stores and supermarket chains beginning in October 2015. NicoBloc is available now in the online store at

About NicoBloc and NicoBloc USA

NicoBloc USA is the exclusive wholesale distributor for NicoBloc in the United States. NicoBloc is a patented, prescription-free fluid applied directly to cigarette filter and the only proven product that helps people quit gradually while smoking their own brand. NicoBloc is 100% drug-free, made from natural food grade ingredients and blocks up to 99% of tar and nicotine, all with no side effects.

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