1. HabitSmoking becomes an unconscious reaction to certain triggers.
    • After a meal, driving to work, having coffee, seeing someone else smoke
  2. Addiction – Physical and psychological dependence on psychoactive substances alter chemistry in the brain.
    • Nicotine, which is one of the most addictive drugs – more addictive than heroin
    • Most Successful way to help addicts is weaning off – addicts gradually get used to higher levels of a drug
    • Cigarette Strategy keep variables constant (brand, taste, satisfaction) while reducing nicotine intake


  1. Motivation – Government stats show 70% smokers want to quit, but less than 5% actually quit each year.
    • Main Problems
      • When they fail they become demotivated
      • Many smokers believe they need huge willpower
      • A successful strategy needs to keep smokers motivated to quit
    • Solution
      • A program where the smoker is in control of their targets
      • Use of target setting/feedback keeps smoker focussed on their targets
      • Responsibility & Credit enables smoker to be responsible for own actions
  1. Withdrawal – Uncomfortable physical or mental changes happen when the body is deprived of nicotine.
    • Symptoms
      • Can last a few days to a few weeks
      • May include nausea, vomiting, sweating, shakiness & anxiety
    • The struggle
      • Because of withdrawal, most smokers try multiple times to quit
      • Having one easily stops the withdrawal symptoms and makes the pain go away

The Science

Nicotine Fading
Nicotine is very powerful drug that does damage to a smoker’s body. The best strategy to use with nicotine addiction is a gradual weaning off process.

Cigarette Tapering
As the smoker’s body becomes accustomed to lower levels of nicotine, the craving to smoke takes longer to manifest itself. The smoker notices they smoke fewer cigarettes during the day.

Behavior Modification
Because smoker needs to apply NicoBloc to each cigarette this activity breaks the automatic process of lighting up. In the event the smoker does smoke a cigarette without applying NicoBloc, they find their cigarette tastes much stronger than expected because the body has started to adapt to lower levels of tar.

Tar Reduction
Tar from cigarettes does the most damage to the lungs. As less tar is being consumed, the smoker has more energy and feels better, which encourages them to remain on program

Cycle of Change
It’s well known that smokers try quitting 4 or 5 times and research shows 70% of NicoBloc users tried other quitting methods previously. Usually the first attempt will be simply stopping “cold turkey” with a quit rate of just 3%. When the smoker becomes motivated to try again, they try a new method until eventually succeeding.