NicoBloc is all natural and 100% safe therefore is a great solution for smoking cessation during pregnancy. It is not a drug, nor is it consumed by the smoker and as such can be used by all smokers including expectant mothers looking to quit smoking while pregnant. 

  • No Nicotine
  • No Cold Turkey
  • All Natural and 100% Safe
  • Drug Free, Zero Side Effects
  • Nothing Goes In or On Your Body
  • Blocks up to 99% of Tar and Nicotine
  • Apply Drops to Cigarette Filter
  • Quit Gradually, No Change in Taste

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Pregnant Smokers Often Not Counseled To Quit

CDC study on smoking prevalence and pregnancy

Quitting for Pregnancy

”When I decided I wanted to get pregnant I knew I had to give up smoking. My future baby instantly became the most important thing in my world, and I wouldn’t risk hurting him or her by smoking.”

I started smoking at age 16 and I’m in my mid-thirties. 15-20 years is a long time and I’ve tried quitting before and was unsuccessful. Also, I used to smoke a lot, and loved my evening ritual of a spicy dinner, a drinks or two, and a few cigarettes.

April’s Journey

Week 2: During the night I used to cough a lot but after using NicoBloc for a full week, I do not cough anymore during my sleep and feel so much better when I wake up.

Week 3: My cravings for cigarettes has gone down significantly. I did not have to give up my cigarettes when I started using NicoBloc which has made this easier for me.

Week 4: Right now I know I’m on the right path for improving my health. I hang out with my friends that smoke and I do not have the urge to smoke one bit.

Week 5: I still get cravings but they aren’t that bad. NicoBloc has helped me come so far but I am too stubborn to give up smoking. I do feel so much better and can breathe a lot easier.

Week 6: The initial investment in committing to use NicoBloc to smoke less and be healthier, has changed my life. If you choose to improve your health and reduce the amount of nicotine and tar you inhale, soon you will begin to feel your health improve dramatically.