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How to Stop Smoking Naturally

How to Stop Smoking Naturally

How to Stop Smoking Naturally

At some point, every cigarette smoker thinks about quitting. The problem is cigarettes can be as hard to quit as hard drugs like cocaine and heroin. Only a small percentage of people are able to quit "cold turkey,” but they are the exceptions, not the rule. Most people struggle for years trying to quit, using everything from hypnosis to smoking cessation apps to nicotine patches. But statistics show those methods are ineffective at best. If you're wondering how to stop smoking gradually, you're in luck. NicoBloc provides an all-natural solution, proven to help do just that.


What is NicoBloc?

NicoBloc is a simple, effective way of capturing tar and nicotine and preventing it from reaching your lungs. NicoBloc is a viscous liquid you drop onto the cigarette filter that helps block tar and nicotine before it reaches your mouth. One drop of NicoBloc captures 33% of tar and nicotine. Two drops capture 66% of tar and nicotine and three drops capture an amazing 99% of all tar and nicotine before it enters your system.


By keeping tar and nicotine out of your system you give your lungs a much-needed break and you allow less nicotine into your bloodstream. Most of the people who use NicoBloc start with a single drop and then gradually increase to two and then three drops. But if quitting entirely seems too much you can still use NicoBloc to reduce the level of dangerous substances entering your system, which by itself will pay numerous benefits.


How to Stop Smoking Naturally Using NicoBloc

The Nicobloc process enables smokers to free themselves from cigarettes in the same way they became addicted: gradually. Here’s how it works:


Nicotine fading

With NicoBloc you start by gradually reducing your exposure to nicotine. Over time you go from one drop of NicoBloc to two and then to three, at which time you’ll be blocking up to 99% of all tar and nicotine. Once you have that under control the other aspects of quitting become less daunting.


Cigarette tapering

As the grip nicotine has over you eases you will likely find you no longer feel compelled to smoke as often as you did. This is a very good thing. Instead of your habit calling the shots on how much you smoke you can now choose for yourself. 


Minimizing withdrawal symptoms

Tapering back on your cigarette consumption will also enable you to avoid withdrawal symptoms associated with both your nicotine addiction and the physical act of smoking. As you reduce the amount of nicotine in your system cigarette cravings will lessen. By this point, you will begin to gain ever-greater control over your cigarette habit, likely for the first time since you started.


Feeling better

Even if you do not quit smoking entirely right away, reducing the amount of tar and nicotine in your system using NicoBloc, will provide an array of health benefits. You’ll feel more energetic, you’ll think clearer and as the amount of tar you’re inhaling steadily decreases you’re likely to have more physical stamina.


A Proven Track Record of Success

While relatively new to the US market, workplace cessation programs in the UK and Ireland have been using NicoBloc for more than 10 years. In that time this simple product has helped nearly 60% of program participants to quit smoking for good.


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