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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the ingredients of NicoBloc?

The main ingredients of NicoBloc are completely natural and consist of Water, a Sugar Compound and Citric Acid but the secret of NicoBloc is in the blending and processing of these ingredients. There is also some approved food grade coloring and preservative.

Q. Is NicoBloc safe for pregnant women?

NicoBloc is all natural and 100% safe therefore is a perfect solution to help reduce the harmful effects of smoking during pregnancy. It is not a drug, nor is it consumed by the smoker and as such can be used by all smokers including expectant mothers looking to gradually reduce thr harmful toxins entering their body and fetus while pregnant.

Q. Is NicoBloc safe to use?

NicoBloc is not a drug, nor is it consumed by the smoker and as such can be used by all smokers including expectant mothers, diabetics, etc. NicoBloc contains food grade ingredients and is 100% safe. It is applied to the filter tip of the cigarette before lighting. NicoBloc is globally patented.

Q. How does NicoBloc help alter the habit of smoking?

NicoBloc traps tar and nicotine. This simple application of placing drops on the cigarette filter results in smokers changing their usual routine, especially while driving a car or other activities that require both hands. This extra step is enough to help reduce consumption down to just a few cigarettes a day.

Q. Does NicoBloc make cigarettes safer to smoke?

NicoBloc traps up to 99% of the tar and nicotine normally inhaled when smoking filter cigarettes. This enables smokers to wean themselves off nicotine to aid giving up cigarettes. NicoBloc does not make cigarettes safe only less harmful. There are many other chemicals including carbon monoxide that are still present in the smoke taken into the lungs. The only way to avoid all the noxious chemicals is not to smoke.

Q. Can I use NicoBloc on roll ups?

NicoBloc is designed to work with cigarette filters. People who smoke roll-ups can benefit from NicoBloc by applying it to a mini-filter prior to rolling the cigarette. It is suggested to position the NicoBloc treated mini-filter facing the tobacco.

Q. How does NicoBloc work?

NicoBloc is a viscous fluid, which is applied to the filter immediately prior to smoking. It works by trapping the nicotine and tar in the filter of the cigarette as it is smoked. One drop traps up to 33%, two drops 66% and three drops up to 99%. Using as directed, the smoker is able to gradually wean themselves off nicotine addiction and reduce consumption until they are ready to stop smoking altogether without experiencing the severe withdrawal symptoms usually associated with stopping smoking.

Q. Will I put weight on if I use NicoBloc?

The side effects of some stopping methods can make some people feel hungry and eat more than usual. NicoBloc enables people to continue to smoke while gradually reducing their nicotine intake so they are much less likely to have an increase in appetite associated with stopping.

Q. How quickly can I stop smoking with NicoBloc?

NicoBloc allows you to stop smoking at your own pace, which is dependant upon your own individual circumstances and smoking habits. Extensive trials over a two year period have shown that a six week period is a comfortable time frame for most smokers. This reduction period allows the body to gradually adjust to the physical changes that occur when nicotine is withdrawn over a period of time.

Q. What is the origin of NicoBloc?

In the 1990's The Rosen Programme was introduced as a corporate health initiative in Ireland and the UK. Hundreds of smokers within participating companies successfully gave up smoking using NicoBloc. The success of this program provided the opportunity for NicoBloc to be made available to the general public as a retail product.

Q. How long will one pack of NicoBloc last?

It is estimated that one bottle of NicoBloc will last the average smoker (20 cigarettes per day) about 2 weeks. Therefore 3 bottles will last 6 weeks or the recommended amount of time it takes to give up smoking for good.

Q. Is it a good idea to take vitamin supplements when giving up?

Cigarette smoking depletes the body of vitamin C. Some doctors suggest that as part of the process of giving up smoking you increase your intake of citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruit or that you take a vitamin C supplement. Vitamin C also helps the body get rid of nicotine more quickly. Check with your GP or Pharmacist.

Q. Can I put NicoBloc on all 20 cigarettes in a pack at one time?

NicoBloc has to be applied to your cigarette just before you smoke it. NicoBloc is active for about 15 minutes after applying it to your cigarette after which it dries out and makes the cigarette difficult to smoke.

Q. What is cigarette tar?

Tar is a sticky brown substance that forms when tobacco smoke cools and condenses. About 80% of this tar is deposited in the lungs and many of the substances in tar are known to cause cancer. Irritants in tar also damage the lungs by causing narrowing of the bronchioles, coughing, an increase in mucus and damage to the small hairs (cilia) which help protect the lungs from dirt and infection.

Q. What is the success of NicoBloc?

Over the last 10 years, NicoBloc has been the central product featured in our workplace stop-smoking programs in the UK and Ireland. This encompassed hundreds of smokers, demonstrating an average of just under 60% cessation rate at the end of the course with a significant number of the remainder managing to substantially cut down.

Q. What is nicotine?

Nicotine is a colorless, oily chemical which is one of the most powerful poisons known. If the amount of nicotine from 6 cigarettes was placed on the tongue or injected into a person, they would be killed instantly.

Nicotine is the addictive element in smoking, takes only 7 seconds to reach the brain from the lungs (which is twice as fast compared to injecting nicotine into your arm) and is more additive than heroin or cocaine. It has undesirable effects on the heart, blood pressure and digestive system through the increased production of adrenaline. Nicotine is also used as an insecticide.

Q. Does NicoBloc have a taste?

NicoBloc has a slight sweet taste (which not everybody can detect) but does not change the taste of the cigarette. Tar trapped in the filter on the other hand has an unpleasant taste. Normally when smoking, the tar comes into your mouth as a vapor, bypassing your taste buds and going straight down into your lungs where it turns into a thick nasty liquid.

Q. What is the proper method to apply the second or third drop of NicoBloc into the filter of my cigarette?

When applying two or three drops to the cigarette, it is important that the process for applying one drop is repeated two or three times rather than putting on two or three drops at the same time. It helps to make the indentation deeper and to allow the previous drop to soak in before applying the next drop.

Also, sealing your lips around the filter and giving a quick forceful puff in between applying the drops can also help.

Q. What are the usual nicotine withdrawal symptoms?

When you stop smoking, especially cold turkey (i.e. without any aids), there are certain symptoms of physical withdrawal that might be experienced. These can include lethargy, dizziness, nausea, headaches, aching joints, constipation, queasiness, short temper, sleeping problems, food craving and stomach cramps. It is these symptoms that can make people give up giving up. NicoBloc helps to reduce or manage these symptoms.

Q. Does NicoBloc help me avoid withdrawal symptoms?

By gradually increasing the amount of NicoBloc used on cigarettes over a period of weeks, the amount of nicotine and tar being consumed is gradually reduced. This helps the body to get accustomed to lower nicotine levels at a gentle pace and gradually recover from the damaging effects of tar.

Q. As NicoBloc blocks nicotine, will it not cause additional cravings?

One drop of NicoBloc blocks up to 33% of the nicotine, which has been found, is enough to start the weaning off process but not enough to cause nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Increasing to two drops after two weeks and three drops after three weeks gives a smoker’s body time to adapt rather than causing abrupt reactions.

Other smoking cessation products put more nicotine into your body, but NicoBloc drops reduce the amount of tar and nicotine you inhale, trapping it in the filter.

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