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Quit Smoking Drops

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  • 2-Week Supply of NicoBloc *
  • Customizable Progress Chart
  • Online Motivational Tools
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When using NicoBloc...

When using NicoBloc...

  • One Drop blocks up to 33% of tar and nicotine.
  • Two drops blocks up to 66% of tar and nicotine.
  • Three drops blocks up to 99% of tar and nicotine.

Endorsed by Addiction Specialist


Dr. Jantz leads a team of world-class, licensed and board-certified professionals providing treatment to patients suffering from depression eating disorders, drug and alcohol dependency, PTSD etc.

His Renowned clinic introduced the first pilot program in the USA to treat smoking addiction using NicoBloc, with outstanding results.


Benefits of NicoBloc

Nicotine Fading

An 18- month study showed that the nicotine fading/self-monitoring was the most successful...

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Cigarette Tapering

Research studies have shown that smokers who reduce their daily cigarette use often quit smoking...

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Minimizing Withdrawal

NicoBloc allows smokers to gradually reduce consumption at their own pace without deadlines or added pressure...

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Target Setting

NicoBloc comes with a progress chart to help smokers track their own goals in reducing the number of cigarettes...

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Behavior Modification

To begin using NicoBloc, smokers must apply drop(s) to their cigarette just prior to smoking...

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Improved Well-Being

As smokers begin using NicoBloc, the first drop on their 1st cigarette reduces the intake of tar & nicotine by 33%...

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Success Stories

It felt like it was working but I ran out of nicobloc I have found that the habit is so hard to break I still believe in your product maybe I'm just weak in myself.

Rick Sutton

“The idea of continuing to smoke, while stopping, really appealed to me.”


I have been a smoker since I was fifteen years old. I have tried to stop using the “cold turkey” method on many occasions. I didn’t want to waste my money on nasty tasting gum/lozenges or the useless patches many of my friends have tried.

Jeannell’s Success Story

Within the first two weeks, I went from about a pack and a half a day, down to just a little more than half a pack. I loved the fact that I could stop at my own pace.

I continued on with the program for the next few weeks. I stopped right before New Years. That saved me from making some New Year’s resolution I wouldn’t keep.

I have not had a single craving even though I am constantly around other smokers. I am trying to get them to try your wonderful product.

I’m now one of the non smoking “IN” crowd!


*“My husband wouldn’t kiss me if he knew I’d been smoking.”


I started smoking when she was 16 and had been on 20-a-day since then. Stopping for me meant more than giving up a favorite habit as I’ve always had a weight problem and was scared to stop in case I put more on. The temptation to smoke when out with friends and having drinks was also great. I once managed to stop for three months using patches. Then I thought I’d be able to smoke socially, but I’d look for any excuse to go to the pub just so I could have a smoke.

Lita’s Success Story

I could smoke as long as I put the drops of NicoBloc into the filter. It was one drop in the first week, two in the second and three in the third, by which time I was only absorbing one per cent of the nicotine and tar. After a while, I wasn’t enjoying smoking as much as usual.

I loved the fact that I didn’t have to stop straight away. It gave me a chance to learn how to cope with the changes and get used to not smoking so much over a period of time before the final break.

I no longer get the urge to smoke, even in the pub or with a cup of coffee. I have changed my whole lifestyle. Before I couldn’t run at the gym without coughing and getting out of breath. Now I can run an average of 25 miles a week. I achieved my post-smoking ambition of running in the London Marathon raising money for the British Lung Foundation.


“I bought three packs every day and they were always my priority.”


I smoked 60 cigarettes every day for 45 years.

Terry’s Success Story

I was dubious that anything could help me give up, but after using NicoBloc for only 6 weeks he was able to stop completely

I was amazed; I had no withdrawal symptoms at all. I had the odd twinge when I was having a cup of tea but it passed quickly, and now I can sit with a group of smokers and feel no temptation to light up again.

I was amazed; I had no withdrawal symptoms at all. I had the odd twinge when I was having a cup of tea but it passed quickly, and now I can sit with a group of smokers and feel no temptation to light up again.

I have been free from cigarettes for the past two and a half years, thanks to NicoBloc. Since then, I’ve seen a change in my health but also counted the change in my pocket. I have saved myself so much money, I celebrated with the purchase of a new car. I played a lot of soccer and still play a bit of tennis and feel better than ever.


I want to thank you so much for this product. It is working i know it will take time. if you can thankyou delivery for helping me deliver it with out signing. stay safe love care all.

Nancy Webster

Since starting the drops, I've been able to go from 2 to 1 pack a day in a couple of weeks!

I am down to 5 cigarettes per day from 40.

Bill S


Bill S

Excellent product. It does allow you to decrease at your own speed!

Barbara McBain-Grant