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Tar Blocker for Cigarettes

Tar Blocker for Cigarettes

There are many aspects of smoking that present a clear and present health danger, but perhaps none as immediate or as consequential as tar. Tar does not refer to the sticky black substance commonly used on roadways and rooftops, but is instead a blanket term used to describe the residue created by the process of burning tobacco. NicoBloc is a tar blocker for cigarettes that can dramatically reduce the amount of tar that reaches the smoker’s lungs.



About Tar

Tar contains numerous potentially dangerous chemicals and is thought to have earned its nickname due to the brownish, tar-like stains it leaves on the fingers and teeth of heavy smokers. Tar causes damage to a smoker’s lungs over time by collecting on the cilia in the lungs and respiratory tract. 


The job of the cilia is to capture and remove pollutants from the air we inhale. When cilia become clogged with cigarette tar they become unable to capture other dangerous pollutants which then accumulate in the lungs leaving the smoker vulnerable to a variety of ailments, including lung cancer.


Reducing or eliminating most of the tar inhaled while smoking cigarettes can provide useful short and long-term benefits. In the short term not having as much cigarette tar entering your lungs can only be a good thing, no matter how you measure it. In the long term inhaling reduced amounts of tar (and nicotine) can make it easier to ultimately leave smoking behind.



Enter NicoBloc

Whether your goal is to stop smoking permanently or you just want to reduce the immediate risk you face from smoking, NicoBloc can help. NicoBloc is an innovative method of reducing the amount of nicotine a smoker inhales. But just as importantly it can dramatically reduce the amount of tar that reaches the lungs, thereby reducing the risk posed by accumulated smoking residue.


NicoBloc is a viscous fluid the user applies to the filter of their cigarette immediately before lighting up. NicoBloc traps the tar as it passes through the standard, (and largely ineffective), cigarette filter. A single drop of NicoBloc can trap up to 33% of the tar from a cigarette, 2 drops can block as much as 66% of that tar, and 3 drops can prevent as much as 99% of the tar from ever reaching your lungs. 


That fact alone should make any smoker keen on reducing their exposure to cigarette tar sit up and take notice.


NicoBloc Tar Blocker for Cigarettes: Making it Easier to Quit

Smoking has often been described as one of the most difficult addictions to leave behind. Many people fail in their attempts to quit smoking because they are unable to deal with the withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping. Those withdrawal symptoms include irritability, insomnia, depression, weight gain, loss of focus and intense cravings for a cigarette. 


Nicotine patches and nicotine gum are notoriously unreliable smoking cessation methods because they do little to address withdrawal symptoms like irritability, insomnia and overeating. And while quitting cold turkey without any type of assistance can be effective, few have the willpower to see it through. With all that in mind, anything that can reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms is likely to make it easier to eventually quit, and that is exactly what NicoBloc does. 


By reducing the amount of tar and nicotine entering their system every day - but not requiring them to actually put down their cigarettes - NicoBloc helps the smoker feel better. Over time it is likely they will notice their urge to smoke has receded to some degree. At that point quitting is not liable to produce the kind of severe withdrawal symptoms they would have normally experienced.



Proof NicoBloc Works

For the past 10 years, NicoBloc has been the central feature of our workplace smoking cessation programmes in the UK and Ireland. In that time nearly 60% of programme participants have been able to quit for good with a large number of others significantly cutting back on their smoking.


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