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All Benefits of NicoBloc


Nicotine Fading - Nicotine Fading Study

An 18-month study showed that the nicotine fading/self-monitoring was the most successful: 40% were abstinent and all who had not quit were smoking cigarettes lower in tar and nicotine than their baseline brands.NicoBlocworks the same way, with the added benefit of allowing smokers to continue using their favorite brand of cigarette.

Cigarette Tapering- Reducing the Harmful Effects

Research studies have shown that smokers who reduce their daily cigarette use often quit smoking vs smokers who fail to quit abruptly. Accordingly, cutting back as a first step is highly recommended. NicoBloc makes this easier by reducing the harmful effects of tar and nicotine, which results in lower consumption.

Minimizing Withdrawal 

NicoBloc allows smokers to gradually reduce consumption at their own pace without deadlines or added pressure, which can create anxiety due to withdrawal. NicoBloc is also contains all natural ingredients and nothing is required with drugs to go on or in your body, so there are zero side effects.

Target Setting - Progress Chart

NicoBloc comes with a progress chart to help smokers track their own goals in reducing the number of cigarettes smoked on a daily basis. Most people have the best success by establishing a quit plan and monitoring their results to help realize their goal.

Behavior Modification- How to Drop Cigarette

To begin using NicoBloc, smokers must apply drop(s) to their cigarette just prior to smoking. This becomes a conscious, positive act of reinforcement on their decision to begin living a healthier life. As this continuous reinforcement builds and the harm from smoking is reduced from inhaling less tar and nicotine, the number of daily cigarettes is also reduced on average 25% each week.

Improved Well-Being - Reduce Intake of Nicotine by 33%

As smokers begin using NicoBloc, the first drop on their 1stcigarette reduces the intake of tar & nicotine by 33%. By the end of their 1stweek there is a noticeable change in how this affects their well-being, by coughing less and sleeping better. This helps encourage continuous use of NicoBloc and leads to higher success rates.