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NicoBloc Combo

NicoBloc Combo


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Frequently Asked Questions

nico bloc

NicoBloc traps up to 99% of the tar and nicotine normally inhaled when smoking filter cigarettes. This enables smokers to wean themselves off nicotine to aid giving up cigarettes. NicoBloc does not make cigarettes safe only less harmful. There are many other chemicals including carbon monoxide that are still present in the smoke taken into the lungs. The only way to avoid all the noxious chemicals is not to smoke.

NicoBloc is a viscous fluid, which is applied to the filter immediately prior to smoking. It works by trapping the nicotine and tar in the filter of the cigarette as it is smoked. One drop traps up to 33%, two drops 66% and three drops up to 99%. Using as directed, the smoker is able to gradually wean themselves off nicotine addiction and reduce consumption until they are ready to stop smoking altogether without experiencing the severe withdrawal symptoms usually associated with stopping smoking.

NicoBloc allows you to stop smoking at your own pace, which is dependant upon your own individual circumstances and smoking habits. Extensive trials over a two year period have shown that a six week period is a comfortable time frame for most smokers. This reduction period allows the body to gradually adjust to the physical changes that occur when nicotine is withdrawn over a period of time.

It is estimated that one bottle of NicoBloc will last the average smoker (20 cigarettes per day) about 2 weeks. Therefore 3 bottles will last 6 weeks or the recommended amount of time it takes to quit.

NicoBloc has to be applied to your cigarette just before you smoke it. NicoBloc is active for about 15 minutes after applying it to your cigarette after which it dries out and makes the cigarette difficult to smoke.

Over the last 10 years, NicoBloc has been the central product featured in our workplace stop-smoking programs in the UK and Ireland. This encompassed hundreds of smokers, demonstrating an average of just under 60% cessation rate at the end of the course with a significant number of the remainder managing to substantially cut down.

NicoBloc has a slight sweet taste (which not everybody can detect) but does not change the taste of the cigarette. Tar trapped in the filter on the other hand has an unpleasant taste. Normally when smoking, the tar comes into your mouth as a vapor, bypassing your taste buds and going straight down into your lungs where it turns into a thick nasty liquid.

When you stop smoking, especially cold turkey (i.e. without any aids), there are certain symptoms of physical withdrawal that might be experienced. These can include lethargy, dizziness, nausea, headaches, aching joints, constipation, queasiness, short temper, sleeping problems, food craving and stomach cramps. It is these symptoms that can make people give up giving up. NicoBloc helps to reduce or manage these symptoms.