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Cigarette Tar Filter Remover

Cigarette Tar Filter Remover

Cigarette Tar Filter Remover

Cigarette tar is not the same as the thick, oily substance used to repair roofs and pave roads. Instead, it refers to the combination of byproducts that result from the burning of tobacco. These byproducts get into the lungs and stay there interfering with normal respiratory processes and opening the door to a host of conditions like emphysema and lung cancer. NicoBloc cigarette tar filter remover can prevent those byproducts from entering your lungs while also making it easier for you to quit smoking for good.



More About Tar

It is a common misconception that the smoke in smoking presents the greatest threat to health. This is only half-right. While it is never a good idea to inhale smoke from any source when it comes to cigarettes the biggest problem is the tar that comes with the smoke. Remove that tar and you remove a significant portion of the threat posed by smoking.


The problem with cigarette tar is that once it enters the lungs it tends to stay. The lungs have no natural mechanism for removing it and so it accumulates inside, clogging up the cilia in the lungs. When that happens the cilia are no longer able to do their job, which is to remove various airborne pollutants from the air we breathe. As a result, those pollutants build up, right alongside the tar, leading to a variety of chronic respiratory ailments, including lung cancer.



NicoBloc Cigarette Tar Filter Remover Can Help

NicoBloc is as simple to use as it is effective. To get started all you do is apply 1 drop to the end of the filter on your cigarette right before you light up. Then, when you inhale NicoBloc removes 33% of the tar (and nicotine) from the smoke, preventing it from ever reaching your lungs. Add 2 drops to the filter and you will block 66% of the tar and nicotine from reaching your system. And add 3 drops to block 99% of the tar and nicotine. It’s that easy.


Most people who use NicoBloc to quit smoking use a graduated method where they start with one drop for a couple of weeks, then move on to 2 drops, then finally 3 drops. This method dramatically reduces the withdrawal symptoms people experience when they try to quit ‘cold turkey’. 


Whether you want to quit smoking entirely or you want to reduce the immediate risk posed by inhaling so much cigarette tar, NicoBloc can help. And if you are wondering whether NicoBloc actually works consider this: NicoBloc has been an integral part of smoking cessation programmes in the UK and Ireland for more than a decade. In that time nearly 60% of programme participants were able to quit for good.



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