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Cigarette Tar Remover

Cigarette Tar Remover


Few things in life are as difficult as freeing yourself from cigarettes. They're one of the most addictive products ever created and the minuscule percentage of smokers who have been able to quit "cold turkey" is proof of that. But cigarettes are more than just a bad habit. The tar that enters a smoker's lungs from cigarettes interferes with respiratory function with the long-term result being emphysema, heart disease and lung cancer. But what if you could eliminate that tar without having to quit smoking? Well, now you can. NicoBloc cigarette tar remover enables you to eliminate up to 99% of cigarette tar easily and quickly.



Quit on Your Own Schedule with NicoBloc

Make no mistake, the best way to eliminate the threat posed by cigarettes is to quit completely. But even if you are not up to that at the moment you can still reduce the amount of tar entering your lungs (and the threat it poses) by using NicoBloc. 


After using NicoBloc for some time and gradually weaning yourself off of tar and nicotine you will likely find that leaving cigarettes behind entirely is much easier than it would have been if you tried to just quit cold turkey. This enables you to quit at your own pace and still enjoy the benefits of inhaling less tar and nicotine in the meantime.


What is Cigarette Tar?

Stories and studies related to the dangers of cigarettes tend to revolve around the addictive properties of nicotine. And that is certainly a huge part of the problem. But it’s not nicotine that causes emphysema. It’s not nicotine that causes heart disease and lung cancer. The driving force behind those conditions is cigarette tar.


Cigarette tar is not a petroleum product like the tar used on roofs and roads. Instead, “tar” refers to all the resinous particulate matter that is inhaled by the smoker as a result of burning tobacco. Not only does that resinous matter stick to the inside of the lungs, obstructing normal pulmonary function, the more than 6,000 chemicals in the tar destroy the integrity of lung tissue, hastening the onset of health problems. So anything you can do to keep as much tar as possible out of your lungs is a good thing.



Enter NicoBloc

NicoBloc cigarette tar remover is easy to use and incredibly effective in capturing both tar and nicotine and preventing them from entering your lungs. NicoBloc is a viscous liquid that you drop onto the filter of your cigarette right before lighting it up. One drop of NicoBloc will capture 33% of cigarette tar (and an equal amount of nicotine). Two drops will prevent 66% of tar from reaching your lungs and three drops will keep up to 99% of cigarette tar out of your lungs. 


Most people use NicoBloc to gradually reduce the amount of tar and nicotine they are inhaling with the ultimate goal to quit entirely. But NicoBloc is unique among smoking cessation products because even if you continue to smoke while using it, you will begin to enjoy health benefits as a result of inhaling less and less tar.


A Proven Record of Success

For more than 10 years NicoBloc has been a mainstay of smoking cessation programs in the UK and Ireland. Over that time nearly 60% of people in these programs have been able to quit cigarettes entirely and stay stopped. If you’re looking for a proven way to break the cycle of cigarette addiction, NicoBloc is that way.



Get Nicobloc

Order NicoBloc cigarette tar remover and smoking cessation aid today by tapping the “shop” link on this website. It may be the best purchase you make this year.