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Does NicoBloc Really Work?

Does NicoBloc Really Work?

Does NicoBloc Really Work?

One of the questions we get most often is this: Does NicoBloc really work? The answer is “Yes” and below we’ll explain how.


Why Is It So Hard To Quit Smoking?

Many addiction experts state categorically that it is harder to quit smoking than it is to quit narcotics like cocaine and even heroin. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that cigarettes cause slow-motion damage. By the time the damage to a smoker's lungs and heart becomes obvious, the person has been smoking for many years and their addiction is as much a part of their everyday life as eating, which makes quitting an enormous challenge.



Does NicoBloc Really Work?

For more than a decade NicoBloc has been the central component of numerous smoking cessation programmes throughout the UK and Ireland. In that time statistics show that close to 60% of participants in these programmes were able to quit smoking and, more importantly, stay stopped. 


Not only that, but many of the people who were unable to quit entirely continued to use NicoBloc in their personal life thereby enjoying the benefits of a significantly reduced intake of tar and nicotine. And while total smoking cessation is always the preferred outcome, anything that reduces the amount of dangerous substances entering the body must be seen as a net positive.


How It Works

So now that we know NicoBloc does work the next question becomes: HOW does it work? 


By themselves, cigarette filters are practically useless. However, add Nicobloc to a filter and it suddenly becomes what it should have been all along: a simple and effective way to prevent tar and nicotine from entering your system. 


Nicobloc is a viscous liquid you drop onto the cigarette filter just before lighting up. It is this liquid that snags the harmful tar and addictive nicotine and prevents it from ever entering your system.


You start with 1 drop which removes 33% of tar and nicotine from the smoke you inhale. After a couple of weeks, you graduate to 2 drops. This blocks 66% of the tar and nicotine from entering your system. Once you feel comfortable enough you progress to 3 drops which will block 99% of all tar and nicotine from reaching your system.



“Cigarette Tapering”, The Most Effective Way to Quit

Studies show that cutting back before trying to quit outright (commonly referred to as “cigarette tapering”) is the most effective method of quitting smoking. NicoBloc helps you do just that. As you progress from 1 drop to 2 drops and then 3 drops you gradually reduce the amount of tar and addictive nicotine you are inhaling. 


It is, in effect, the same as reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke each day. After some time on 3 drops per cigarette you are ready to quit entirely and will have a much greater chance of success than you would if you went ‘cold turkey’.


People often fail to quit smoking despite their best efforts because they simply cannot handle the withdrawal symptoms. Those include anxiety, overeating, sleeplessness and irritability. When you engage in cigarette tapering using Nicobloc withdrawal symptoms are spread out over time and significantly reduced.


So the answer to the question “Does NicoBloc really work?” is “Yes”. And we’ve also explained how it works. The only question remaining then is “Are you ready to quit?” If you are, NicoBloc is here to help.



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