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Tar Blocker

Tar Blocker

Tar Blocker

Cigarette smoking presents an array of health hazards ranging from emphysema to heart disease and lung cancer. Many of these conditions occur as a direct or indirect result of cigarette “tar” accumulating in the smoker’s lungs over time. Tar in this case refers to the plethora of byproducts produced by burning tobacco that get into the lungs and stay there, interfering with normal respiratory processes. The best way to avoid problems caused by tar is to not smoke. But if you do smoke the best way to avoid tar-related health hazards is to use NicoBloc tar blocker.



Cigarette Tar Explained

Cigarette tar is not the same as the petroleum product used to pave driveways and patch roofs. Instead, it refers to the various chemicals and organic particles produced by the combustion of cigarette tobacco. Cigarette filters were initially designed and marketed as a way to remove tar from cigarette smoke, but time has proven such filters to be almost completely ineffective.


Why It’s Dangerous

The lungs have no natural defence against cigarette tar. When it enters the lungs it stays there, accumulating over the years and clogging up the cilia whose job it is to capture and remove airborne pollutants we breathe in. While the cilia normally do an outstanding job they become overwhelmed by the volume and nature of cigarette tar and are eventually rendered useless, leaving the lungs susceptible to a variety of maladies.



Enter Nicobloc Tar Blocker

Nicobloc is a simple and effective way to capture cigarette tar before it reaches your lungs. Nicobloc is a scientifically-formulated viscous liquid that you drop onto the end of the cigarette filter just before lighting up. 1 drop of Nicobloc will capture 33% of cigarette tar (and nicotine), preventing it from ever reaching your lungs. 2 drops will capture 66% of tar and nicotine. While 3 drops will capture an astonishing 99% of tar and nicotine. With NicoBloc the cigarette filter finally lives up to its name.


Nicobloc tar blocker is not a drug, nor does it contain any harmful chemicals. It is a chemically inert liquid comprised of food-grade ingredients that allow smoke to pass through while capturing the dangerous chemicals and particulate matter in that smoke, keeping it out of your lungs. Nicobloc is recognised by public health agencies the world over as being safe and effective and can be safely used by diabetics, pregnant women and others with various health conditions.



But Does it Work?

Yes, it does! Nicobloc has been, and continues to be, an integral part of numerous smoking cessation programmes in the UK and Ireland. Results from those programmes indicate that nearly 60% of participants are able to quit smoking and stay quit with the help of Nicobloc. 


The high success rate of Nicobloc is attributed to its ability to enable smokers to gradually reduce their tar and nicotine intake. That, in turn, significantly reduces withdrawal symptoms like sleeplessness, irritability, overeating and general anxiety that often torpedo attempts to quit ‘cold turkey’. 


In addition, many participants who have not been able to quit entirely have discovered the value of using Nicobloc on a daily basis to reduce the threat posed to their health by cigarette tar. And the fact that they are also getting less nicotine every day means their long-term chances of being able to quit entirely are also better than if they were not using Nicobloc.


Buy Nicobloc Tar Blocker Today

Nicobloc tar blocker is an idea whose time has come. If you would like to purchase Nicobloc simply tap the “Shop” button on our website. If you have questions not addressed on our FAQ page feel free to contact us using the form on our Contact Page.