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Tar Filter for Cigarettes

Of all the myriad risks associated with cigarette smoking, none is equal to the type of existential threat posed by cigarette tar. Countless hazardous chemicals are introduced by tobacco companies into their product in an effort to extend the product's shelf life, increase nicotine absorption and enhance flavour. Unfortunately, those chemicals also wind up producing tar which invades the lungs, clogs up the cilia and exposes the smoker to health risks ranging from emphysema to lung cancer. NicoBloc is an effective tar filter for cigarettes that can greatly reduce the amount of tar that ends up in the smoker's lungs.

More About Tar

When people talk about tar in relation to cigarettes they're not talking about the gooey black petroleum product used to seal roofs and roadways. Instead, they are referring to a byproduct of tobacco combustion composed of everything in the tobacco that does not burn off. Instead, it passes through the standard cigarette filter and is inhaled into the lungs where it accumulates, causing myriad health problems.

One of the enduring myths propagated by the cigarette industry is that cigarettes with a filter are safer than cigarettes without a filter. We say "myth" because numerous large-scale studies have demonstrated time and again that standard cigarette filters are basically useless when it comes to blocking tar. 

Enter NicoBloc

NicoBloc is an innovative method of capturing tar and nicotine from tobacco combustion before it reaches the lungs of a smoker. NicoBloc is a viscous fluid the user drops onto the standard filter of their cigarette prior to lighting up. In essence, it acts as a tar filter for cigarettes effectively compensating for the ineffectiveness of the standard filter.

A single drop of NicoBloc deposited onto the end of the filter right before smoking can reduce the amount of tar that reaches the lungs by as much as 33%. If the smoker places 2 drops of NicoBloc onto the cigarette filter they’ll block up to 66% of tar from reaching their lungs. And when they deposit 3 drops of NicoBloc onto the cigarette filter up to 99% of all tar is prevented from ever reaching their lungs. That is a true tar filter for cigarettes.

NicoBloc is not a drug. It is a chemically inert liquid composed of food-grade ingredients that is deposited onto the cigarette filter. Once placed it stays in the cigarette filter, preventing tar (and nicotine) from reaching the lungs of the smoker. NicoBloc has been patented the world over and is recognized as 100% safe by public health officials worldwide. NicoBloc can be used by pregnant mothers, diabetics and people with a variety of health problems with no fear of negative side effects.

NicoBloc Tar Filter for Cigarettes

Cigarettes are continually classified as one of the most difficult addictions to quit. That is due at least in part to the fact that there are several distinct components to cigarette addiction including: 

  • The nicotine which sets up a craving in the brain.
  • The physical act of continually lifting the cigarette to the mouth to inhale.
  • And the fact that many use cigarettes as a type of emotional crutch, reaching for a smoke in times of stress or uncertainty. 

That’s a lot to leave behind all at once, which explains why so few are able to quit cigarettes “cold turkey” and stay quit. 

What’s left unsaid in all of that, however, is that along with the nicotine which enters the bloodstream through the lungs, tar left over from burning the tobacco, also enters the lung. The difference between the two is that the tar stays there mucking up the cilia that line the lungs and exposing the smoker to a variety of health threats, including lung cancer.

NicoBloc creates an effective tar filter for cigarettes that blocks cigarette tar from entering the lungs. Over time, because new deposits of tar are not being made into the smoker's lungs every day, they will begin to feel better. This healthier feeling, combined with the reduced cravings resulting from NicoBloc blocking nicotine as well, can make it much easier for the smoker to eventually walk away from smoking entirely.

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