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How to Give Up Cigarettes

How to Give Up Cigarettes

Cigarettes are one of the most insidious addictions known to man. People who have been addicted to both hard drugs and cigarettes attest that it was harder to quit cigarettes than drugs. And the statistics prove them out. Only 10% of people who try to quit smoking every year are able to quit and, more importantly, stay stopped. And for those who try the cold-turkey method the numbers are even more daunting: only 4% are able to quit and stay quit. Fortunately, help is here in the form of NicoBloc tar and nicotine blocker. 


Want to Know How to Give Up Cigarettes? Read On

People tend to think smoking has been with us forever. But that’s not the case. While certain indigenous cultures did use tobacco more than 1,000 years ago, tobacco smoking was not introduced in the West until the 15th century, when British explorers brought it back from the “New World”. It quickly caught on and, because it became such a huge business, it would be centuries before anyone was willing to take an honest look at the health problems caused by smoking.


Once the full scale of the problem began to emerge widespread smoking cessation efforts were launched, but what was quickly learned was that smoking was a particularly stubborn addiction. Stubborn to the point that it was harder for smokers to quit smoking than it was for alcoholics to quit drinking. Something had to be done.


No Help From the Tobacco Companies

The response of tobacco companies to the emerging science that showed how dangerous cigarettes truly are was muted. Mostly they denied it, leaving the smoker to deal with their addiction on their own. People tried quitting “cold-turkey”. But while people who quit in that manner typically stayed quit, the percentage who were actually able to quit was tiny. 


Another popular technique was to gradually reduce the number of cigarettes smoked so as to lessen the withdrawal symptoms. But most people who tried this way would eventually return to their previous smoking levels. Enter NicoBloc.


Nicotine Fading That Works

NicoBloc is the most effective way yet to reduce the amount of tar and addictive nicotine that reaches a smoker’s body. NicoBloc is a viscous fluid that is applied to the end of the cigarette filter. 1 drop will block 33% of all tar and nicotine. 2 drops will block 66%. And 3 drops will block an astonishing 99% of all tar and nicotine. 


NicoBloc promotes "nicotine fading" which enables the smoker to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine they are inhaling without having to reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke. Eventually, they are inhaling virtually no nicotine and at that time they are primed to stop smoking altogether without suffering the usually odious withdrawal symptoms. It works. Try it.


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