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How to Help Someone Stop Smoking Cigarettes

How to Help Someone Stop Smoking Cigarettes

It is estimated that more than 7 million people died last year as a direct result of smoking cigarettes. And many millions more were hospitalized with a variety of smoking-related illnesses that did not kill them but severely compromised their quality of life. One reason smoking-related health problems often get to the terminal stage is that quitting smoking is so hard. Addiction specialists rate it more difficult to quit than drugs like cocaine and heroin. Which raises the issue of how to help someone stop smoking cigarettes.


Learn How to Help Someone Stop Smoking Cigarettes

If someone you care about wants to quit smoking is there anything you can do to help? Some would say “no” and that it all depends on how badly they want to quit. But we disagree. It is possible to help someone quit smoking but the effectiveness of that help will depend on how it is presented. Get angry and impatient at a smoker and they're unlikely to respond in a positive manner. On the other hand, if you follow these tips history shows you may be able to influence the smoker in your life to make positive change. It won't be easy, and it may take more than one try, but it's worth it.


6 Ways You Can Help Someone Quit Smoking

1: Be honest about your concerns

The first step in helping someone quit smoking is to sit them down and express your concerns about how it is affecting their health. Express a willingness to help them in any way you can but don’t give them an ultimatum or put any time limits on it.


2: Learn about the cigarette addiction

Non-smokers often think that people who don't quit simply lack willpower. Nothing could be further from the truth. It will help you be a better partner in the journey toward a smoke-free life if you have a more complete understanding of the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the smoking addiction.


3: Don’t get discouraged by slips

It typically takes several tries before the smoker is able to free themselves from their addiction once and for all. If you find your loved one is smoking again after stopping for a while don’t get upset. Instead, recognize their effort, applaud their ability to stop for however long they stopped and remain positive.


4: One day at a time

Quitting smoking is something that must be done one day at a time, sometimes an hour or a minute at a time, especially during the first few weeks. When trying to help someone quit smoking it’s vital that you don’t get ahead of yourself.


5: Seek Outside Help

There are bound to be ups and downs when someone is trying to quit smoking and it can be a lot for a loved one to live through. It’s always a good idea to see if you can line up some outside help. Nicotine Anonymous (formerly Smokers Anonymous), for instance, has helped countless people quit and stay quit and it doesn’t cost anything.


6: Use NicoBloc

NicoBloc is the most effective way yet devised to reduce the amount of tar and nicotine that reaches a smoker’s lungs. By helping them to gradually reduce their nicotine and tar intake NicoBloc sets the stage for them to eventually leave smoking behind for good.


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