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What is Tar in Cigarettes?

What is Tar in Cigarettes?

Cigarette tar has nothing to do with the oily substance used to fix roofs and patch roadways. Instead, cigarette tar is composed of chemicals and particulate matter that result from the burning of tobacco during the smoking process. While nicotine is responsible for creating cigarette cravings in the addicted it is tar that represents the greatest health threat to the smoker. Stay with us while we answer the question “what is tar in cigarettes?” and provide tips on how to keep it out of your lungs if you smoke.


Cigarette Tar: A Clear and Present Danger

“Tar and nicotine” is a phrase that has been in the public consciousness for decades but is still little understood by both smokers and non-smokers alike. Nicotine is easy enough to figure out. It’s the primary psychoactive ingredient in tobacco products and the one most responsible for cigarette addiction.


Tar, on the other hand, is not so well understood by most people. Tar, as we mentioned in the opening, is a byproduct of burning tobacco. It contains a multitude of chemicals as well as tiny bits and pieces of tobacco left over from the combustion process. Evolution did not prepare the human body to deal with cigarette tar and so when tar enters the lungs it stays put. Over time the accumulation of cigarette tar in the lungs interferes with the lung's ability to clear other airborne toxins and eventually, the buildup of toxins leads to emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis, heart disease, stroke and cancer.


What About Low-Tar Cigarettes?

Non-filtered, high-tar cigarettes pose the greatest risk to the health of the smoker. About that, there is no doubt. Medium and low-tar filtered cigarettes can reduce that threat by a small degree but do not eliminate it. The only way to eliminate the health threat posed by tar is to prevent the tar from getting in your lungs in the first place, either by not smoking or by using a tar blocker like NicoBloc.


What is NicoBloc and How Does if Remove Tar?

NicoBloc is a simple yet revolutionary product that addresses the threat posed by cigarette tar while simultaneously helping the smoker lay the groundwork for quitting entirely. NicoBloc is a viscous liquid that is dropped onto the end of the cigarette filter right before lighting up which captures both tar and nicotine before it reaches your lungs.


How much tar does NicoBloc capture? 1 drop applied to a cigarette filter will block 33% of tar (and nicotine) from reaching your lungs. 2 drops will capture 66% of tar and keep it out of your lungs. And 3 drops will prevent an astonishing 99% of all tar from ever being inhaled. That is the closest someone can come to not inhaling tar without quitting entirely.


And speaking of quitting, one of the many great things about NicoBloc is that not only will it keep toxic and dangerous cigarette tar out of your lungs it will also prevent an equal amount of nicotine from entering your system. Through several weeks of using progressively more NicoBloc, you will wean yourself off of nicotine and greatly increase your chances of being able to finally quit.


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What is tar in cigarettes? It’s by far the greatest threat to your health posed by smoking. NicoBloc enables you to gradually reduce the amount of tar and addictive nicotine you inhale so that you can set the stage to quit once and for all.


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