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Is it Fair to Ask Your Partner to Stop Smoking?

Is it Fair to Ask Your Partner to Stop Smoking?

If you’re involved in a relationship with someone who smokes it can create a lot of uncomfortable situations. Friends will likely think you’re crazy for going out with a smoker, and they may be reluctant to visit you because they think your home smells like a dive bar from 40 years ago. You will also be exposing yourself to the myriad dangers posed by second-hand smoke. And there will be times when the two of you are out and your partner disappears to go smoke. With all that in mind, is it fair to ask your partner to stop smoking


Is it Fair to Ask Your Partner to Stop Smoking?

Smoking is a sensitive issue for many couples. People who smoke often wish they didn’t but quitting cigarettes can be extremely difficult. On the other hand if, when you got involved with someone, you knew upfront that they were a smoker asking them to quit once you’re involved can seem an awful lot like you are trying to control them. 


So asking someone to quit smoking can be a very tricky proposition. Especially if you knew they smoked before you got involved with them or you, in fact, used to smoke yourself. Still, there is no doubt that smoking is different from binge-watching GOT or even staying friends with an ex. Smoking represents a real and serious health hazard. So asking someone to quit is not an unreasonable thing to do. At the end of the day, it comes down to how you ask.


If you want to ask your partner to quit smoking try internalizing these tips.


Learn how to listen

When it comes to smoking, the non-smoker is often the one who feels ignored. But remember the smoker is the one addicted, and that can mess with their head and their peace of mind in a variety of ways. Instead of demanding that they listen to you, ask to have a conversation about smoking and then listen to what they have to say. Understanding has a way of generating a cooperative atmosphere.


Ultimatums rarely work

In many cases, people involved with smokers draw a line in the sand and declare that if their partner doesn't quit, they'll leave. As anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking will likely attest, getting over a breakup is probably easier than quitting smoking. So if you give your partner an either/or choice, don't be surprised if they choose "or". A better approach is to engage them calmly and let them know that if they do decide to quit that you'll be there for them.


Use NicoBloc

NicoBloc is an innovative and proven way for a smoker to gradually wean themselves off of cigarettes. By presenting your loved one with NicoBloc tar and nicotine blocker you’re not demanding they put down the cigarettes cold turkey. Instead, you’re offering a proven way for them to begin the process of quitting. They can still smoke, but over time they’ll inhale progressively less tar and nicotine, and so will you.