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Quitting is Hard — Here's Why

Quitting is Hard — Here's Why

There are two reasons that smokers smoke:

  1. Habit: Smoking becomes an unconscious reaction to certain triggers. You've just finished a meal, you're driving to work, you're having a coffee, you see someone else smoke: All of these acts can trigger this reaction. 

  2. Addiction: Physical and psychological dependence on psychoactive substances alter chemistry in the brain. Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs — more addictive than heroin. And the most successful way to quit is the same way you became addicted — gradually. The NicoBloc cigarette weaning strategy keeps variables constant (brand, taste, satisfaction) while reducing nicotine intake.

Two Factors Preventing You from Quitting

  1. Motivation — Government stats show 70% smokers want to quit, but less than 5% actually quit each year.

    • Main Problems

      • When they fail they become demotivated

      • Many smokers believe they need huge willpower

      • A successful strategy needs to keep smokers motivated to quit

    • Solution 

      • A program where the smoker is in control of their targets

      • Use of target setting/feedback keeps smoker focussed on their targets

      • Responsibility & credit enables smoker to be responsible for own actions

  1. Withdrawal — Uncomfortable physical or mental changes happen when the body is deprived of nicotine.

    • Symptoms 

      • Can last a few days to a few weeks

      • May include nausea, vomiting, sweating, shakiness & anxiety

    • The struggle

      • Because of withdrawal, most smokers try multiple times to quit.

      • Having one cigarette easily stops the withdrawal symptoms and makes the pain go away.

The Support You Need to Quit